A bike for my wife

Hi ladies, i am looking for a bike for my wife.

She is 5'3 130 pounds, and has never ridden a motorcycle.

She does however ride a mountain and has raced from time to time.

Also a quick learner and strong for her size.

What would you recommend for her first bike. She would like it to be somthing she could grow into and not get bored with, but at the same time not intimidate her.

Any help would be appreciated!


Mike :applause:

depends on how much you want to spend and how much maintenance you want to do, what kind of riding do you plan?


a bike 'to grow into' is for kids, your wife will not grow

to big a bike will simply take away a ton of fun

to small a bike (seen 5-10 women on XR100s) will do the same

bigger wheels will make trail riding easier but ...

TTR-125L Or CRF 150F. Good luck with whatever you get:thumbsup:

Are you a 4stroke or 2stroke fan? I am 5'5 and 130lbs.. and started on a CR85 It's pretty snappy and definatley had enough power for me. My boyfriend wants me to get a KX100 here soon, so we'll see what happens with that. I'd like to move to the CR125 but A) I don't think im quite ready yet and :applause: it has to be lowered.

A friend of mine is 5'3 and she started out on a TT-R125. She seems to like it.

If you're going to stick with the four strokes, I'd look into the TT-R125 and the CRF150.

We are looking for a 4 stroke, it would be for woods riding mostly, single track, double track, forest roads.

Mike :applause: :applause:

When I bought my first bike I had zero riding experience (except, like your wife, I rode mtn bikes). I wanted to buy a bike I could 'grow into' like you said - something that would last a long time so I wouldn't have to upgrade. After a LOT of thoughy (and after riding my hubby's 250), I decided that what was the most important thing for me was to get a bike that I wasn't scared on - one that I could put my feet FLAT on the ground, had electric start and was a 4 stroke. I knew that I would soon outgrow it, but I wanted to enjoy the sport and not be freaked out about my big, 'I'll grow into this' bike. I bought the CRF150F (I'm 5'7 115lbs) and LOVE it!!!!! I am too tall for it, but I immediately felt comfortable and confident! I took it on lots of technical trails in Moab and learned REALLY fast. It is such a forgiving bike - it puts along so easily, and can go really slow or fast. I was never scared of my bike (just the trail!) and know that buying a small bike made all the difference for me.

It's only been about 3 months since I bought my little 150 and just last week I bought a wr250F - yippeeee! I am having it lowered and the suspension adjusted. If I would have bought this one first, I would never be as good as I am today. Upgrading is a fun process - it really feels like progress!

Btw, I looked at the TTR125 too, but that's way too small for me, might be good for your wife though - people really like that bike. You can always lower one of the taller bikes if you get one. Good luck!!!!

i know im not a thumpette:busted: but your wife is around the same size i am

(im 5'6 140lbs) and i would look into a crf 250x or something:thumbsup:


My hubby surprised me with a crf 150 I'm 5'3 and plus wt. I could flat foot it easily however the 04 has kick start only. I personally think it's good to learn how to kick start just for good measure. Anyhow, by the next year I moved into the E-start crf230 and loved it Bigger Tires, E-start who could ask for more I thought and here again just over a year later I'm wanting a bigger bike. So my suggestion would be start with the crf 150 it's a great learner and when ready to upgrade go 250 and lower it.

My wife and daughter share a TTR-125LE (large wheel). It's a great little bike that, most importantly, has the magic button (electric start).

my 4'11" daughter (10 years old) LOVES her TTR125.

A CRF230 would be good for her size, if like you say she is strong, a quick learner/competitive person, a lowered CRF250X/WR250F would be ideal if you werent keen on upgrading in 6 months or so.

Thanks for all the replies, you have all been very helpfull. :applause:

Women with bikes are the best!! :applause:


Not one of the ladies, but my wife rides, has for over 20 years. Our 11 year old grandson (almost 12) is about the size listed and has ridden a CRF230 for two seasons.

It is a very impressive bike. Very easy clutch pull, starter is wonderful. AND it has the same sized tires and wheels as a CRF250X making it very easy to handle.

The first gear is very low making starting out super easy and controllable on all terrain.

I hadn't seriously looked at a new bike since 1997 and I was so impressed I went out and bought a new CRF250X this month.

I would suggest you sit on one and see how it fits. This is a bike size and style that will take you wherever you need to go for a long time, and the price is very reasonable.

Looking at one this summer for my wife she has been riding the XR 200 for around 20 years. (On her third one)

I too started on an XR200. After a couple of years I thought I was ready to move up to my hubby's old KDX220. This was a mistake. The combination of a 2 stroke and it being too tall was too much and I became fearful of riding it. I was really missing the XR200 but have since changed to a DRZ250. Love the height, button, mellow power delivery but hate the weight. I've had the DRZ almost 2 years now and want something lighter but worry the power of something like a WR250 will be too much and there doesn't seem to be any better options. I love riding and as long as I don't crash too much and have to keep picking it up I'm not ready to risk another wrong bike mistake. Frankly, I think I'd be just as happy on my old XR200 today.

My philosophy is start small and mellow and work you way up. She needs to gain the basic skills first. If and when she decides she needs more power or whatever then you upgrade and keep that 1st bike as a learner for your buddies or backup for one of you.

Good luck :)

If she's a mountain biker, she's already GOT most of those basic skills and something small and gutless like a TTR125 is going to get very boring very fast.

Why a 4 stroke? Sounds like a KX100 would be a perfect bike. People have some weird fetish for 4-strokes for their SOs when sometimes a two stroke would fit the bill much better.

Why a 4 stroke? Sounds like a KX100 would be a perfect bike. People have some weird fetish for 4-strokes for their SOs when sometimes a two stroke would fit the bill much better.

2 strokes are sooo yesterday!!! :)

I honestly believe that starting out on a 2 strokes is the best thing any rider can do. Nothing teaches your throttle and clutch control better than a 2 stroke.

2 strokes are sooo yesterday!!! :)

i know, that blue smoke like totally clashes with my helmet.

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