YZ450f 2006 Help!!!

Hi I've just bought an 06 YZ450f and don't have a manual....

Think the bike may smoke slight when I rev it hard from tick over... is this normal? It does it now and again not every time....

I need a manual ASAP does anyone know where I can download one?



Go to ebay and type in 06YZ450F Manual and it should bring a company that provides a full manual on a cd for 10 bucks.

If it smokes a little during startup and shortley afterward i wouldnt worry about it.

No need to do this "rev it hard from tick over"

I assume you are high reving it from completely cold motor.......let it warm up at least a 30-60sec (and others will say even longer) before full throttling it:thumbsup:

Thanks for the feed back peeps

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