What are nromal XR600 engine temps?

Hi to all, i recently installed a dipstik oil temp gauge and a Vapor computer.

So i can monitor oil temp and engine temp as well.

Well as the Vapor has two programable temp warning lights i would like to know where should i set those temps?

The default first temp warning comes at 90ºC (190ºF) and i think it's too cold, becouse it comes too easily. Just letting the bike to iddle for less than 1 minute and you have it lit.

The seccond is set at 110ºC (230ºF) and i 've never seen it to come on, but i haven't used the bike on the trails (enduro) yet.

Can anybody tell me two good temp settings for programing the vapor?

And what's the regular or max temp i should see on the oil dipstik gauge?

Thanks a lot.

Where does the Vapor measure temperature from? If it's cylinder head temp, that will be over 300F. For your oil temp, it should stay below 300F absolute maximum. If it ever gets that high, it wouldn't be a bad idea to change the oil and find what allowed it to go that far.

The Vapor temp sensor is located on the cylinder head, just on the oil supply line bolt.

300ºF can the temp go that high??? :applause:

So maybe a good setting could be the overheating warning light set at 215ºF and the Danger warning light at 250ºF???

For now the distick oil temp gauge hasn't rised above 205ºF, but i've been driving on roads, not trails yet.

Alright, sounds like it measures the actual oil temperature.

Yes, oil temp can get up to 300F. It shouldn't, but it can. However, your 205F oil temp is actually too low. The oil should get hot enough to vaporize any condensation, but stay low enough to avoid thermal breakdown. You're generally safe in the 220-280F range.

is 205º too low? :applause:

That means that the xr250 oil cooler is cooling too much i guess.

Altough outside it's like 60ºF those days and also i was just driving the bike at high speed on the road (60mph).

I think when the hot summer comes those temps will go higher. :applause:

Thanks a lot HeadTrauma.

205ºF is too low, yes. Just put a piece of cardboard in front of your oil cooler opening and see how much it affects the oil temperature. As long as the bike is in good tune, an oil cooler is unneeded in 60ºF weather and certainly isn't necessary for open road cruising at light throttle. Just keep an eye on things like you're doing and you'll learn when you need more or less oil cooling.

my 650l runs 250-260.

There is quite a bit of difference between oil temps and and the actual cylinder head temperature. It is the cylinder head temp that is important. From how water behaves when a few drops hit the head, the temperature is at least 325 and perhaps as high as 350 in normal operation on my XR600. Test yours by putting a few drops of water on it. If the water does not adhere and dances or bounces off, the temp is over 300 if not over 325. In tough going I would expect the temp to get as high as 400, maybe even higher. This is why oil changing is a good thing on air cooled four strokes. The oil literally gets fried.

These temperatures are in the regime experienced by air cooled airplane engines. Many airplane engines have a maximum cylinder head temperature close to or at 500F.

The oil is pumped from the bottom of the engine is cooler since it is away from the "fire". One purpose of the frame tube is to cool the oil. That why the temp gage in the oil reads lower. An oil cooler like the 400 and 250 have cool it down yet more.

I would like one of those non contact thermometers to find out what it really is.

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