wr 450 street legal california

can you make the wr 450 street legal in california? i want to warm up the bike on the street to change oil, and warm up chain to wax it without riding back and forth in my driveway pissing off my neighbors.:applause:

no, not legally. You can do it "illegally" though its very difficult.

Doesn't that seem like a lot of trouble to go through just to wax your chain?

Just tell um that it's better to be pissed off than pissed on. :applause: Na just kidding, just don't rip. The bike can be riden quiet.

I'm doing the same thing. Here is where I found the kit you need. http://www.procycle.us/main/dskit.htm. I don't work there. I just wanna

save some gas by riding my wr to work. If interested let's rap. Reddad.

I just ordered my kit from Procycle last week and it came within 2 days, I was stoked. Now I'm just finishing up the blinker mounting and will give it a test probably tonight. I kept all the stock lights and I'm wiring in for the bright and brake lights to the stock yamaha stuff. Hope it all works. I just found a connection to a possible sure fire license technique, but I will see if it works before I mouth off.

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