Current Best Tires for SE Woods?

I've seen some of the other posts. What are the current best tires for SE - (Ga, NC, TN, Kentucky, AL region)

what are the pros and cons of various suggestions. Can you tell me your riding type. ie-aggressive trails, Hare Scrambles, Enduros etc.


I just put new Michelins on for last Sundays ride. I have an S 12 rear and an M 12 front. Both were working perfectly all day in all the different terrain we were in. I was extremely pleased with them.

Mikem, I agree with MXTuner. Michelin S-12's work real good as do Dunlop 756's in the soft/muddy stuff, which is 80% of the areas we all ride in. I also want to check the new Dunlop 773 for the same conditions. In the summer when everything is dry as a bone, the M-12's or D755, intermediate tires should do well. Lane uses the new Maxxis intermediates which would also be a good choice for the dryer conditions...I will tell you that the S-12's & D756's will not last long in the dryer summer months. This is for any riding ie...trail riding/enduros/harescrambles

We also need to plan another SE TT Ride!

The New Dunlop 773 is a soft Terrain tire only. The dried out GA Clay will destroy it in no time. I have one on order for the Sand Dunes only...

I go through 2 or 3 D756 rear's per year, but like last sunday, both front and rear stuck like glue.

Bonzai :)

I can't see that Michelin makes the M/S 12's in a 110/100-18. What size should you use on the WR426?

lewichris - thanks, unfortunately RockyMountain is out of stock :)

Originally posted by BFLee:

lewichris - thanks, unfortunately RockyMountain is out of stock :)

call em up

sometimes their internet isn't current

Thanks for the advice - very helpful.

I just recently bought the 250 and it has the Dunlop 756's on it. Seemed to handle well in the mud on Sunday. They still have some tread left.

Based on advice here, I bought the Michelin S-12/M-12 combo today for the WR400. For Georgia TT'rs - I got a good price and great service from a guy a met riding. His name is Don Dudson Jr. and he owns a bicycle store in Vinings on Cobb Pkwy called Atlanta Cycling. He is a ranked Hare Scrambles racer and started carrying dirt bike tires and accessories at his bike shop. He has a good selection in stock and has internet/magazine pricing (Best deal I could find on tires). Being a racer himself, he is very helpful. Their phone is 770-952-4866 - Atlanta Cycling.

Mikem thanks for the tire tip......

Lewrich, I run a 140/80-18 on my WR. A 130 is a tad on the small side for an open class bike.

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