electrical gremlins, geniuses needed

OK you gotta laugh, and I might pull my hair out and feel stupid.

here goes,

o1 wr 426 - now 444 eric gorr kit

bike was running 9 months ago but after pulling the cylinder I found piston scoring.

fairly clean rebuild and after putting the engine back in the bike, no spark when grounded to exhaust.

test procedure,

new plug

check resistance

1. ignition primary coil .3 ohms

2. ignition secondary coil 11.5K ohms

3. cap pulled from lead 9.5K ohms (spotty reading new cap purchase 62$)

4. CDI magneto pickup 279 ohms

5. source 1 745 ohms

6. source 2 545 ohms

7 neutral switch 1st gear infinite

neutral inf

2nd continuity 0 ohms

3rd 0 ohms

4th inf

5th inf

so i think everything i can check is within spec. except for neutral switch

but I thought neutral switch wouldn't kill the spark completely

cleaned all connections with elec contact cleaner, blown with compressed air ground on ignition coil cleaned.

manual shows no procedure for voltage regulator, is that just for the headlight?

then there is the CDI?

is there anything i might have missed when installing the flywheel something that triggers the ignition?

I'm pretty confident the timing chain and cams are all lined up per the manual

i'm getting ready to tear open the conduits to look for open wires.

all thoughts are welcome, so if you view this post please throw in your ideas please!

thanks Toxic T (dying to go ride)

Gotta be a missed/wrong connection somewhere...maybe a ground left off? If you measure betwen the input wire to the coil and ground, you should see a voltage pulse as you kick the bike over. Not sure how much, but at least you will know that you're getting electrons to the coil (or not).

Momentary voltage flashed at the ignition input to the tune of a half volt DC.

Glimmer of light at the head light.

can anybody come up with a list of frame tie in grounds.

case tie in.

anybody have a component that tested per the shop manual but was still bad?

P.S> birdie did i see on my searches you recently completed a rebuild and kicked it over on the fourth try? nice.

come on people i'm getting ready to start throwing expensive parts at a bike that isn't worth all that much.

i see 50 views and one responce.

I'm not sure where your problem lies, but the neutral start is just a switch to tell the CDI when the bike is in neutral so it can put the rev limiter into play. I cut those wires off completely on my old '02 WR. You should be able to follow the wiring harness in the manual and find all the ground points. If you don't have a manual you can download one from the WR Performance sticky at the top of this forum. I had to replace the CDI on my '02 a few years ago because the bike wouldn't startr anymore. If that's the case :applause: (worst Case) then I would replace it with a Vortex X10 CDI box. Hopefully you just have a wire pushed back out of one of your connectors or a wire rub to ground etc. Sorry for not much help.:applause: Have you tried a new spark plug? WR Dave

thanks dave,

It's running!!

after getting a new cap I cut off a quarter inch of the lead to the plug and no spark. my brother just pulled the ignition coil off a 79 xr 250 and we put it in the wr, it sparked. OK bad ignition coil that tests good. but my bro suggests cleaning up the igntion coil, he cuts off another quarter inch of the lead, try for a spark and surprise good spark!

the engine sounds great.

Good to know,, glad you got it sorted, have fun with the 444:applause: WR Dave.

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