07 wr 450??????

Have a 04 xr 400 and have been planning on buying another bike. Want a 450 and really like the new Yamaha's. Anyone having trouble with them? How easy are the YZ mods?

Also im ony 5'6" had to install lowering link on my xr to make it comfortable, how tall does the seat height feel.


The 07 WR is a little taller than the xr 400. I'm also coming from the XR 400 which is a great reliable bike. The mods are not that hard. Access to the carb on the 07 WR is a real pain, though, especially the first time (aluminum frame). I had to get to the carb for the second time and I guess I wasn't so bad the second time around. However, I can honestly say that rejetting my XR was a walk in the park.

WR's have "bucket and shim" type of valve adjustment which is also a pain in the a$$. It literally takes 5 to 7 minutes to adjust valves on the XR. BTW, all Japanese bikes have the bucket and shim type valves. Ktm still uses the tapped method.

On the other hand, the WR is feather light compairing to the XR. At least it feels that way. After all the mods are done, I could swear the WR has 5 times more power than the XR. I'm not exaggerating! The handling is superb. It'll make you go way faster than the old, trusty xr. You'll be able to go much faster on the WR and it will feel safer than the XR.

WR's are known as very reliable bikes too.

You can find good info on all kinds of mods here.


No problems with mu 07 so far. The mod's are supper easy! The TT guys have worked them out perfectly. Just remember to do "all of the basic mods" it's will cost you just under $185 from the TT store.

I lowered my xr650r, shaved seat, lowered forks in triple clamp, and lowereing link, I'm your same height.

The WR is much taller than my lowered XR but since it's much lighter I have no need to change it. The magic button will save us short guys duiring stalls in tough spots any way.

Like other guys have told me, "go for the WR and never look back." I find my self looking back often, just to see where my ridding buddies are when I'm in the tight stuff! LOL.

The magic button will save us short guys duiring stalls in tough spots any way.

How could I forget the magic botton!:applause: It's a life saver no matter how tall you are.

I put the ReKluse Cluch on my 07 WR450, magic button with cheater tech. TOTALLY unfair to others. But I need all the tech advantage I can get, being old and all.

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