WR450 Stalling?

Everytime my dad runs his bike through like the creek or even when we rode in the snow, his bike would stall on him. Today at the races he went down into the creek and it stalled. Does anyone else have this prob.? And is there any way to fix this problem? (Any kind of help would be appreciated)

His carb vents routed below are plugging up causing the stalling.

You may want to think about installing "T's" in the crossover vent lines and running the new extra hose from the "T" up under the tank. Just make sure the "T" is installed below the curve of the crossover hose. WR Dave.

Yup, those pesky vent hoses. I routed mine up under the seat.

I remember reading that the abrupt temperature change on the engine, from hitting the cold water can causes the bike to stall. If he is moving through water quickly, I wouldn't expect the vent hoses to be the problem. Now if he is going slowly, its more likely. Also, remember to NEVER try and start the bike if the crankcase breather hose is under water. If you do, you will suck muddy water into the bike, and your oil filter is likely to be plugged up with mud and look like an hourglass.

on top of the carb ( or the two nearest the top ) are the two pipes that need to be pulled up and carried over into the top of the airbox instead of down and under the rear suspension.


Thanx guys, I think we're goin to try to re-route the hoses and see what happens. :applause:

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