Rear Brake Resorvoir

To All:

I would like to share my 2 pennies on my experience on this... I have a 98 WR400, stock, except some suspension work, but I went to bleed the brakes last month to get ready for an enduro, front finished out fine, but when I got to the rear, I pulled off the cap to the tank, and WOW, no brake fluid!!! just filled with sediment and dirt, but I still had rear brakes?? upon further inspection of the tank itself, not the cap, but the plastic tank itself, the rear portion of the top lip was warped. I can only assume that while riding slow speed enduros or letting your bike idle for extended periods, the exhaust pipe, stock at least, probably makes suffient heat and warps the tank, hence once you go riding and shake the bike and yourself, all the brake fluid escapes from the tank...... SOOOOOO, please check your tanks or better yet pull the cover off and check your level of fluid, or if you cannot see any fluid through the tank, your bike just might be afflicted with this problem...

Solution: Mine, I used header heat wrap on the section of exhaust and safety wired about 5 times around the material right over the brake resorvoir, I then out of procaution, after bleeding and filling the tank, placed aluminum tape and secured with 2 tie wraps.. Have put two enduros onthis repair and so far so good,

Parts: If your tank is affected, go to the dearler and buy a new one,, its the only solution, or you can find a Billet one and skip the heat wrap...

Let me know if any body else is affected by this...


98 WR400

NT650 Hawk


I keep an eye on my reservoir, I have carbon fiber guards that are too flimsy to protect it and it seems to gradually get bent in the direction of the exhaust. I considered wrapping the silencer here but my reservoir has not warped.

I just make sure it doesn’t get too close.

I can’t remember, does the stock frame guard protect the reservoir from contact or just the master cylinder? If the latter then watch out for your reservoir getting pushed into the pipe.


Thanks, I still use the stock frame guard, and it does cover the brake reservoir. Mine did not get pushed into the exhaust, but warped due to the heat coming off of the exhaust, as the reservoir is at most 1" away from the pipe....Keep an eye on it!!!

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