2007 WR 450 AIS question

Hey fellas, I removed my AIS, cut a piece of metal stock to fit the front chamber, and plugged all the other places, question is should one of these be left unplugged? I have not ridden the bike since doing the mods, I recently was riding it down the street is all, and the rubber half circle part of the head cover gasket blew right out!! :applause: That took some serious pressure to do that, so I'm thinking something was plugged that should be allowed to breathe. Crankcase vent? :applause: Thanks in advance for any answers.


When you say you plugged everything, whay exactly is everything ? Cant work out what you have done wrong with so little information. I have done three AIS kits so far (1x'05 & 2x'07) and had no problems. Did you remove piping on top of the cam cover ? as this is not part of the AIS conversion. From what I hear you have plugged up the cylinder head breather hose. This will cause a build up off pressure in the cylinder head causing the seal that you talk about to blow out. The pipe runs over the top of the cam shaft cover. Un plug it and refit it. Purchase a new cylinder head cover gasket and your problem should be solved.



Yep I agree, the hose that goes to the lower connection on the air box should be left intact. It kinda loops around and tee's next to the carb. GL

Thanks fellas, I did plug the fitting on top of the cylinder/cam cover. I've got a new gasket coming and will promptly unplug the fitting. Sounds like I removed too much. The crankcase breather, cam cover top fitting, and airbox hose all stay intact? What about the little fitting on the right side of the cylinder?


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