another '05 450 question

Does anyone know what the little black metal tabs are that stick out at various points between different major 'blocks' on the motor? Like where the top end meets the lower part of the engine, it is like a gasket but metal. Well anyway, I probably sound like a complete idiot but when I put on my new header the bracket smashed one of those tabs. So basically the two are touching now. i've run it like that for over a month now with now issues but I know I did something wrong. Anyone run into this problem? Is it going to cause some problem? I know the header gets red hot and might be transferring heat to the cylinder.

The tab you refer to is an extension of the head gasket. Since it is actually possible on some models to put the gasket on reversed front to rear, this tab provides a way to know that from the outside when diagnosing the heating problem that such a misassembly would cause. It serves no other purpose, and it can be bent, twisted, flattened, painted, or cut off with complete impunity, and no consequence whatsoever.

The header can be as hot as it wants to and not be able to transfer any significant heat to the engine.

sweeet, thanks gray, you really seem to know your sh!t. I read your posts/responses all the time and they always seem to be right on mark.

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