wheels to fit a xr600 17" help any1

what are the most simple 17"wheels to fit to the xr600r ???? anybody ????

That's funny, I've always seen people trying to get away from the 17" rear wheels. Why are you looking to downsize? My 1984 XR500R has a 17" rear, it works fine and must be pretty strong because I pound the crap out of that thing on a regular basis. People have said it's getting hard to find 17" rear tires but they must be looking in the wrong place because I find them every time I look online and I have 3 brand new ones waiting in the garage. Anyway, I don't know if the hub or axle sizes are the same as what came on your XR6, but they couldn't be too far off since the XR5 evolved into the XR6. Hope this helps, good luck.

These days when people are asking for 17 inch wheels it is for high end street tires not for dirt use. Usually the desire is for tubeless mag type rims.

Do some seaches and I bet that you will find some good ideas.

I think Marchinesi makes wheels for the XR600. If I were you, I'd just lace up a set of 17" excels or sun rims to a factory hub or a talon hub, supermoto style. Then you get to play with widths depending on what you want. Plenty of shops do wheel lacing.

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