Clutch Help please

I ordered a barnett chutch for my 00WR400 from my local Yamaha dealer. I received 9 friction plates part# YPK-40 and 8 metal plates part# YP-41-12. My manual states that the 400 uses 8 friction plates and 7 clutch plates. I brought this to the salesman attention and he hesitated when he said it will fit. This is my first time doing a chutch, so Im not sure if the extra fricition plate and chutch plate will fit or if they are the right parts. Can anyone shed some light. Thanks, Doug

did you buy the extra plate kit??? I dont know if this is available for Yamahas but for my (hesitation) Buells I replaced the stock 8 plate system with a 9 plate barnett system. on the buells there is a spring disk in the middle of the clutch pack. this is to quiet down the chattering and give smoother clutch feel, with the barnett you remove the spring disk to make room for the extra plate. hope this helps, if all else fails call barnett. I guarentee that it is a better clutch compared to stock.



Ronin, thanks for the heads up. I did contact Barnett and my suspicion was right, I was givin the wrong clutch :) I returned the clutch for the suggested YPK-57. All is good now :D .

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