adding turn signals

I have a 88 xr600 and some time in the past ( previuos owner ) it has had a lighting package installed but just head light and tail light I would now like to install turn signals does any one know if the stator / DC regulator can handle all the load or of a way to check

Do you know if you already have a AC or a DC system. DC usually means that there is a small battery under the seat on top of the airbox. The battery helps for turn signals. When you are using them you a usually stopped and the engine is idleing. The stator does not put out full power until 2000 or so RPM. That can make turn signals not blink if it is an AC system. Since the turn signals are off most of the time, you should have no problems with adding them. If you have an AC system you might want to change to DC for the tail light and turn signals.

LED turn signals use a lot less power than incandesant bulbs.

Most (all?) LED turnsignals require a DC source (battery). Incandescent will run on the AC system. That's why I didn't go with the LEDs.

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