White brothers or Dr. D on 2007 450F

What is the differance.

What wll work the best on a 07 450f.

Thinking about the 13.5 Compression piston also how well will it work with that.

We can get 20 off at a dealer.

They claim on there dyno that Dr. D makes the most power.

We are Vet A and Sen. B Riders using the same bike.

Or even FMF

Dr. D would be my choice.

I like the FMF Factory 4 a lot when paired with either of the "Bomb" headers. They don't usually put up the highest peak power numbers, but they do very often produce the greatest net gain over the broadest area of the power curve, which especially on older YZ450's results in a noticeably wider, flatter, very usable power output. The obvious problem with this system is the cost. At nearly $900, you can put a Dr.D on two bikes for the same money.

I have a Dr.D on my '06 (the stainless system), and it works very well for us. While no exhaust system is really going to make a huge difference on a YZ450 (the stock system just isn't that bad), The Dubach pipe adds a noticeable improvement to the bottom end power, a little more to the middle, where you can really use it, and takes nothing away from the top end. It's a pretty good value, IMO.

I just put the new Dr. D on my bike. It brought the bike to life throughout the entire power range. Plus you can't beat the price.

How about those MRD exhaust? I have read alot of good things about those. What do you guys think of those?

How about those MRD exhaust? I have read alot of good things about those. What do you guys think of those?

Great pipe, I love it.:applause: :applause:

WB AlumPro2 would be my choice - :applause: :applause:

White Bros make good power - just beware of the carbon fiber pipes from them - they need to be repacked after about 5-8 hours of hard riding or risk cracking the can from overheating.

I ended up with the FMF 4.1 carbon setup w/ Ti megabomb. Got it from Motosport.com - $769 with free shipping

Dr D for sure. then jet it, even though you might think you dont need to. woke my bike the hell up!

While Dr. D. is the more affordable pipe, my experience with them was that I had to repack them all the time. Between the two, I'd pick Dr.D simply because I'm on a tight budget and they make quality parts..lol

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