TT-R250 Information

anyone familiar with this bike. my local dealer has 2 for sale for 3900.00. How do thay handle? etc.

you'll find them to be very reliable and a competent trail bike. if your passion is a more relaxed trail ride they would probably be right up your alley. if your passion is racing or a faster pace you'll find them to be shy on sheer power and lacking in quality suspension.

the price seems in line (i never priced one, but a new 250 for less than $4000 can't be a bad thing). it probably has a much better warranty than a YZ/WR (first 30 days).

do your soul searching then name your poison.

I had one for about 5 or 6 months. It is a mild mannered trail bike. pretty good suspenion and electric start.It has a little more power than an xr250 but over all it's a good trail bike.

thanks for the info. it would be nice to have to have electric start.

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Simply think of it as the Yamaha equivalent of the XR250... mild, bulletproof, and there are some parts out there to make it a better bike, but if you get too radical, then you start to lose that reliability... Great 1st bike for the wife, girlfriend or teenager who doesn't think they are one of the crusty gang...


My wife has one. it is a great bike. Although the weight is the same as the 400, the center of gravity is much lower. Handles great and is quicker through the woods than my 400. Power is decent but she added a FMF exhaust and it really livened up. It sits more like a an older bike, not the mx seating. There are mods out there tto make it a great bike. She revalved the forks with a RT kit and it was another big improvement. Still looking for a different rear spring. The Ebutton she loves to show off, especially when I stall mine. If you ride the woods or even race in the woods you can't go wrong with it. She is wanting the 325 kit from Thumper and that is the next step. It pulls me fine with good lowend(225#) and will climb anything. I wouldn't mx it though. Just my .02 :)

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