XR 600 with edelbrock in socal

I just put on a new edelbrock and Im trying to get it adjusted. I have a fmf pipe and open air box which its supposed to be set from the factory for. It's running ok but backfires alot, which seems lean. Anybody around the OC have theirs dialed in, Im wondering how many clicks out etc? I'm thinking it needs a different needle. Thanks for any help.:applause:

What needle is in it?. I'm running the #19 needle and 20 clicks from full rich with full exhaust and hotcams stage 1 cam and je piston.

Im not sure, I havent taken apart yet. It has whatever size comes in it, I lost the extra needles that came with it. I have it set to full rich and it runs ok but backfires real bad.

I would suggest taking it to someone who can properlly tune it, those are a lot of mods. Sometimes you just need a PRO (no offense) I know a great guy in Colton (between Sanbernadino and Riverside) if your interested PM me.

I have a 94 XR600 full HRC kit and Edelbrock. I'm running the 17E needle about 12 to 14 clicks out with one kick starting and no backfires. I tried a 19 but something was wrong with it,made the slide hang up idle about 2000 rpm.The 19 did let it rev to 8000 but it softened the hit on the bottom end.I went back to the 17 and am happily popping wheelies. I like the Edelbrock but I don't think you can get max performance at high and low rpm. It's a compromise carb simple to work on but not to many adjustments. I didn't get an XR to rev it to 10 grand so I'm happy with the thing pulling hard up to 7300. It's plated so all this is at sea level on P.C.H.

That's exactly what I was looking for, I heard once these thing's are dialed in they start easy. I will take my carb off and check to see what size came in it.

Thanks for your help.

can you send me the # of the guy in colton i have the same problem it sucks

I have run Edelbrocks on two stock XR600s and an HRC 628. I had best results around home with the 19E needle and the clicker anywhere from 15-20 clicks out from full rich depending on ambient temperatures. I was running open air box, Twin air filter, full Yosh exhaust. Altitude here is 600-800 feet. Riding in Colorado, I used the 17E needle and 15 clicks out.

Every carb has multiple circuits. There is the 0-1/3, WOT, 1/3-3/3, etc. The clicks only affect the 0-1/3 throttle. You may need to increase the clicks to make it run richer at idle, but you may end up running too rich at speed and the bike will bog. So then you need to drop the needle and then you can keep increasing the clicks to run more rich without affecting the 3/3 to 100% throttle

I have a a wiseco piston, cam, exhaust. Mine came with the 17E. EVERYONE told me to run it with the 17, but I have a plate and the plate was sooty black after my daily commute. The bike ran OK, but not where it should be. Yes it was close but not right there.

Couldnt get the 17 dialed in no matter how many clicks. So I ran the 15, it was way too lean. Couldnt start it. I called edelbrock and ordered the 16. Everyone kept saying the 16 was only .01 off and I wouldnt see any difference. But the 17 was too rich, the 15 too lean, and well I could tell the difference between the 17 and 15 which is only .02 off.

Took it to the dyno with the 16 and the AF mixture was PERFECT throughout the range. I sent it there 1 click off form where the guy put it.

If you are going to go by feel then err rich, but figure out where it is lean and we can try to help you from there.

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