Broken subframe bolt

last weekend the bolt that goes through the top front part of my subframe broke and so far i have stripped all the threads out trying to retrieve this broken piece of bolt. i have used a bolt out and also tried just drilling the bolt out but the bolt seems to be a very hard metal that i cannot drill through. has anybody else had this problem or have any suggestions to what i could do to get it out? thinking about buying a whole new subframe on ebay.:applause:

So you are saying that the bolt is both broken and stripped?

Try spreading the top of the sub frame some and cutting the bolt off. Leave as long a piece sticking out of the threaded side as you can. That way, you can get the sub off the main frame.

Then, go get a Titanium Nitride coated drill from the "bottom" end of the bolt, hoping to catch the bit, and spin the bolt out.

If it's really stripped on top of everything, a good machine shop my be able to push it out using a press, and then you can restore the threads with a Heli-Coil or a Time-Sert.

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