Steel Sprockets

I'm getting tired of chewing up aluminum sprockets down here in the sandy muddy conditions. I've used steel and they last MUCH longer, but weigh a ton. Who makes a light a steel sprocket? The Sprocket Specialties Titan Tough seem to last pretty well but not as well as steel.

Who makes the lightest steel sprocket that doesn't cost $100?

i just buy the primary drive sprockets from Rocky mountian ATV and they do me just fine. the only cost 14.99 + shiiping. But they are steal and the last me at least one season so far. on to the next season if this snow would melt. And sure their heavy. But someone once told me that the heaver they are the more they give you a weighted flywhel effect. but i dont know for sure

I use the PD sprocket too! $14.99 + shipping is hard to beat even though they must weigh 25lbs...

Steve T

Actually, it adds flywheel effect to the motor. However, it also adds unsprung weight...Oh well, for 14.99, I'll "suffer".

they are not that heavy. I just had one shipped to me and the ups box said 4 lbs. I dont know but maybe that is heavy.

Well OK - 25lbs is "writers embellishment." A couple of lbs seems correct.

Steve T

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