Heat wrap to Header/exhaust - How to do?

First, I have done this a few years back and worked very nice on a two stroke road bike i used to race. What do you guys think? I know it is bad for the pipe as dirt wil get in under it and that it wil become wet and and and...but, does it work? I know how it works but on a motocross bike?

Second, and more important, how do you do it? We used to wrap and then use locking wire to secure. Only the header or only the middle part? Can't seem to find anything on how to wrap it, only how it works.....

I am currently using it as a supermoto and some basic motocross for motard practise.

I removed the head pipe and heat sheild, let the wrap soak in cold water, the rest is easy, just pull the wrap tight with each rotation. if you have, use grip wire close to the tacked nuts for the heat shield this will stop it from sliding. Good luck

...but, does it work?
That depends on what you expect. The only thing it will accomplish is to keep you from burning yourself on the pipe.

Since the typical exhaust pulse spends less than 50 milliseconds in the entire exhaust system, the idea that insulating the pipe has the ability to significantly change the temperature of velocity of any individual exhaust event is somewhat a flight of fancy, IMO, and in any case, raising the velocity of the exhaust is not specifically what a good system is designed to do.

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