racing 426's??

anyone in this forum actually race a yz426 motocross or supercross? I recently bought one and should have it ready this weekend...just wondering if I could go to the local track and do something with it....people say that the 426 weighs alot, but im a C rider so i dont really care about i weigh 150 pounds so i think it will carry me...gimme your thoughts...thanks

I still race my 426. Remember, its 90% rider and 10% bike! :applause:

I race my 400 in motocross races. It's super heavy though, and I get pretty bad trigger finger on it.

But then I get on my 125, and it feels like a bicycle. :applause:

In the C class you'll have no trouble with a 426. It's a bit heavier, but nothing you can't deal with. Race it and have fun.

I race my 02 426 and do okay. It suits my riding style and is very reliable. The handling is stable and fairly well suspended. For as heavy a bike as it is the 426 actually feels lighter to me, especially at speed. You feel it most in a rythym section of breaking bumps. I got the recommended race Tech springs for my weight (200lbs.) and the bikes weight and MX use. These along with the Yamalube 01 fork oil suit me fine.


The 426 is a great machine, you will do just as well as the 450s with it. I raced mine up until mid last season and I was competing at intermediate level winning races. Its a few pounds heavier than the 450 but that won't slow it down! Suspension is good too.

Just like 642MX says, it's 90% rider and 10% bike. You can win on a 426. I took 1st in my class at a hare scramble with my '02 just a couple months ago. It was a very tight, muddy, tree root infested mess...better suited to somethng like KTM 200XC than a 426 MX bike.

i've been to th etrack a couple times now on my 426 and was ripping up a 06-07 yz450 and that kid was pretty good also but i was faster. i definitly can't wait till i get my 08 250f though

well im racing it a week from today so i will let you guys know how it went!

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