Steering Stem Nut

Anyone know of a way to loosen the steering stem nut on an 06' YZ450 without having to purchase The Steering nut ring wrench from yamaha? Cause I can't afford the special tool and need to re-grease my bearings.

Use a large flat-head screwdriver and a mallet. Wrap the tip of the screwdriver with a shop towel to avoid damaging the nut.

It is not very tight, normally, since it is only torqued to about 5 pounds. Usually, a mid sized pair of "Channel-Locks" will do. Grab it by the notches, rather than the ring.

The nut doesn't come all the way off without removing the handlebars anyway (at least the 07 I did wouldn't). Might as well remove the bars and use a socket.

edit...nevermind, wrong nut.

I use Channel locks to take it one and off. Like stated above, it is not very tight and should not be.

channel locks or a flat ended punch will work - make sure you do not over or under tighten this when may want to mark the steering nut and the frame(permanent marker or eched) and make sure these marks meet/line up when reassembling.....

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