xr650r/baja designs problem

just like the title says i have a xr650r that is plated with a baja designs dualsport kit on it... have had no problems until today. i go to turn my blinker on and all i hear is this buzzing sound and my directionals don't blink anymore they are turning on but dont' blink. the problem seems to be coming from this clear cylinder that has two leads on it and a bunch of crap inside. anybody know what this is and where i can get it... i am going to post a pic asap

here is the picture of said thing that makes the noise


Thats an automotive part, (flasher) ...just take it to the autoparts store and they'll have one to replace it! My autozone had the exact brand...its a cheap fix!

Very easy to fix...not sure why it went out but did so on mine as well. but again...very simple.

If you don't mind...how many miles did yours last?

well last year was the first season that i had the bike and i put about 5500 miles on it. and another 500 or so this year before it broke. weird thing is i wasn't even in the trails or anything i was just going down the road and it stopped for some reason...

Mine went out as well with very little miles on it (06 w/ BD'S quick release) however the autozone replacement is working fine to date...:applause:

went to autozone and just like you two guys said they had the exact same thing... well see how long it last..

Mine went out too. I was stupid though and bought mine from BD. How much was the one from AutoZone?

Baja Designs is very good about warranty items. Don't count them out unless you need the part quick. Then I would suggest you "get in the zone".

Mine quit too. Pep Boys....$6:ride:

Mine went out after about 6 months, got an exact replacement from a :) Canadian Tire store for about C$8 - much cheaper than BD's...

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