COPS hauled me over today :(

my bracket is from Baja Designs and it goes on to the YZ fender only, and as for mounting turn signals on the fender, i done that initially and it looked bad imho, looked like rabit ears and when you fall, they break off, im happy now and the local cops seem happy so far anyhow......

i agree they look dump but keep the fuzz off my tail.... I recently sold my Honda VTR cuase sportsbikes get way too much attention... at least now when cops give chase i can always head inot the bush!:)

i'm just wondering what rear set up that is cause i'm gunna make my wr450 street legal and just wanted to know where you got that rear fender piece with the turn signals on it??? a web site would be sweet if you have one, thanks for your time!

If you are asking about my kit it's from

my setup also is from them, however i though their teardrop rear lights were a tad large, so I bought smaller ones at royaldistributing.combike007.jpg

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