00 wr400 TDC???

New to this forum and to my wr. After atempting to adjust the valves, Iam confused on what is top dead center, My book explains as align the "l" marks by rotating ccw, I see to "l" marks each by a "H" mark. Is there another way to tell? Any help please..... Thanks

Hello out there......

please help....

must goto the dunes friday am!

You want the "I" not the "H." The lobes of the cams should be facing outwards. If not turn it over until the lobes are out and you are lined up with the "I." Also, you will see the punch marks on the cam wheels lined up with the edge of the head.

Click here for a little more detail ==> valve adjustment procedure

Good luck,

Steve T

Thanks Steve for helping me out with that. I do know better than to just barge in and ask for help when I should be doing my forum reading. thanks again for your response.

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