18" WR Rear on an 01' 426

I am looking to swap out my 19" rear for an 18" on my '01 426. What model year WR's would fit on my bike? Would I have to modify anything? I don't do much MX, but I do race desert, and I am looking into a little trip to SW Idaho to do some very short geared mountain goat riding, where I am told a trials tire is the only way to go. If I could just get a 19" trials, that would be OK, but I can't find a manufacturer who makes one. Oh well, an 18" would be better for my anyway. Any info would be great!!



Any WR400, 426, or 450 rear from '99 up will fit, provided you use the appropriate spacers for your bike (which is to say, your stock ones). Hubs from WR250F's will fit, but the rims are narrower.

Thanks Gray! I knew you had the answer. :applause:

Does anyone know of a cheap WR 18" wheel for sale??

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