18" Rear Wheel for sale????

Does anyone have an 18" rear from a '99 or newer WR400/426/450?? I would like to put it on my '01 YZ426. I ride almost all desert, and I am also taking a trip to Idaho in July, where I am told to gear my bike WAY down and put a trials tire on. :applause: I am told there is some great technical riding in SW Idaho!! WHOO HOOO!!!



I dont have one, but I always seem to see one on E bay GL

I have been checking, and the only one's I find are brand new for $365.00 and up! :applause: I am just hoping someone is parting one out, or has an old one they are willing to part with. :applause:

Well you didn't say cheap...... :applause:. I seem to remember my local hole in the wall shop have an in expensive wheel set up. Ramona Cycle Supply, in San Diego County, California. Maybe he could ship it to you or worst case tell you where he gets them. GL

You're right, I didn't say "cheap", but that is exactly what I meant. I know how and where to get a wheel with $$$$, but both my 8 and 12 year old boys are sucking up all my MX dollars!! Otherwise I might be asking the question for an '06 or '07 bike. Oh well, maybe someday! :p

So, back to what I really meant to say, does anyone know where I can get a CHEAP :applause: 18" rear from an OLD (99 or newer) WR that I can put on my '01 426? Again, I appreciate the assistance, rheynard and MountainMax, and insight.



Good luck on getting a straight/cheap one - you are not alone in your 18" desire. Oh yeah, I think the rear brake disc are 245mm on the 03s and newer vs. 240mm on earlier stuff, you need to use your old disc on a newer wheel.

Hey guys just buy the 18 inch spokes for a wr and an get 18 rim and lace it up it not that big of deal. If I remember it was $100.for the wheel and $50-70 for the spokes.

Thanks Mikenash, I think that is where I am headed. I just thought it might be nice to have a cheap (there's that word again) spare 18". :applause:

If you have a 19" ill swap ya :applause:

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