Frame Guards wanted for 06 WR450

Does anyone make any? all i can seem to find are yz ones made for aluminum frames, anyone know? i have the paint wore off my frame now and it's showing some signs of surface rust, YUK.

Have you seen these?

They're Works Connections frame guards and are available for the 06 steel frame. I'm thinking I need a set too.

Mountain Max, I have those Works Connections ones on my 06; paint was wearing through as well so sanded the rust off, cleared it, then installed the guards (Christmas present from my wife, is that awesome or what?); they are a breeze to install and protect the lower part of the frame anyway...

PS I think you and I are in the same boat- bikes and sleds baby!

I've got GYTR on my 06' since new

No problems

thanks guys, hey ricko what is the part number on the GYTR ones and do you have a pic ?

thanks guys, hey ricko what is the part number on the GYTR ones and do you have a pic ?

I don't have the part numbers but I bought mine online from Do a search for frame guards. Click on Yamaha and scroll down to your bike. 05' will fit on the 06'

i found a set on ebay with a different number system then the ones from works connection, but both look right and say they are for an 05wr on ebay, and mine is an 06, wanted to make sure im gettting the right ones.

Check out the Devol frame guards. They provide a lot more coverage than the Works Connection guards. I have them on my 2005 WR and I have no complaints. :applause:

Thanks for the pics, do you you have any pics of the devol ones installed?

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