Right Side Covers Melting

Anyone have the issue with their right side shield (number plate) melting near the exhaust? I have an 07 YZ450F and the right shield has melted/deformed around the lower mounting screw (the small opening in the lower front of the shield totally deformed) and the air box has a small burnt surface about 2" long. Anyone experience this before? The shield started melting within the 1st hour or so after purchasing it and after 15+ hours of riding its pretty rough. It still has stock jetting and exhaust (pro billet end - but the melting occurred prior to installing the end). The fuel screw is about 2 turns out. I have decals I would like to put on the shield but there is no point to applying them until I can reduce the heat. I have no idea if this is typical or not or if it is a jetting issue. Thoughts?

Nope... First I've heard of this. I've got an '06 w/ 85 hours on it; stock exhaust; and no problems at all.

I know they modified the exhaust for '07 quite a bit to knock down the noise... wonder if those changes are resulting in more heat.

is there foil on your side cover?

is there foil on your side cover?

I installed a new cover last week and did some trail riding with the boy's on Saturday (6 hours). Before installing the cover I put the aluminum heat shield material on the inside of it. It kept the cover from deforming in the same area, but the top surface of the cover in that area had some small burnt residue on top about the size of 2 quarters (very light brown in color). The best way to describe it is if you got a sun burn and you started to peel. So the foil helped, but there is a lot of heat going on there. Without the foil, it would probably would have been deformed the same as the first. I am going to play around with the jetting and fuel screw some more before the next ride.

I have an 06, but there is no way that yamaha changed the design in 07 to the point were their bikes would melt. My number plates are still white as white gets. You must have something wrong, possibly a bent pipe or bent subframe.

News to me.

Pretty much news to everyone I talked to including my dealer. I am dropping it off tomorrow to let them figure it out. I don't care to try and figure it out by trial and error. I got a new decal kit I am anixously waiting to put on the bike, but I need to get this resolved before doing so.

Yes I have the same problem!!!

My 07 YZ 450 has a TI-4GP systems exhaust and it runs real hot...

Burt the Pro Circuit stickers right off - I repacked it once already but now it has done exaclty what you said - burnt a hole in my # plate!!!!!

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