Hey Fershy...

I was doing a search regarding high/lo headlight switches and came across one of your old posts.

You posted that you had a handlebar mounted switch for high/lo and off. I have a 3-way toggle switch however it is ugly and will require me to fabricate a mount.

I am looking for a handlebar mount switch that is prefabricated. I was considering using a snowmobile switch for the grip heaters since they have lo/high and off.

Pooley, Probably the easiest way is to hit a motorcycle wrecker and find a used handlebar switch that suits your fancy. The ones that come off a Kawasakis are alright. Look for an old KLR or XT, XL for that matter and you will be set.

I don't see why a snowmobile one would not work so that is an option as well. As long as it is compact enough that you can run your levers mirrors, decompression lever and the likes. Another option is getting one from Baja Designs. I think they sell a old Yamaha style replica. I am partial to the one that Baja Designs uses for their dual sport kit. They will not sell you just that switch last time I checked. I have included a picture of it for you. It is made by a Spanish Company named Leonelli out of Spain. You may have some luck finding it at a Husaberg, Gas Gas, KTM or Beta dealer. HTey all seem to use this switch one their dual purpose bikes. I managed to find one on my last trip to Europe. I have inserted a picture of it...I hope!

As for the headlight connector, the WR is only a Two prong outfit as you probably know. In order to run hi and low you will have to get a three prong connector which is no different than automotive headlight connectors. I just found one off of an old Honda Accord or something. Hope this helps?



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:) If it's any help to you, I can get the Yamaha Part no# for this switch as it's part of the UK road legal nonsense! It is identical to the switch fershy posted except NO indicator switch.

Let me know if you want the No. :D

I can probably get hold of one cheap but then there is shipping so it might not end up that way !

Thanks for the help guys. I actually did what you advised and got the master switch unit. I don't need the horn, turn signals or indicator but at least the options are there in case I need to hook it up.

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