kinda scary and i like it. xr600r

After doing the top end last winter i finally have 100 or so miles on the break in and this thing rocks. 86 xr600r. It smoked like a mofo at first when i started it but that is gone now. 628,sleeve, 10.5:1, barnums mid cam, valves, springs (shimed), seats re-cut, ceramic head pipe, re-jet. still need to play w/needles and that should give me even more power. It starts much easier which surprised me. cruising at 50-55 mph in 4th i can get the front end to come up a little bit w/ no clutch. very fun:ride:

Have fun with all that power. :applause: When my 85 starts to give me trouble I have to upgrade it like you did. :applause:

scary is probably a good thing-fear of the machine has kept me out of trouble on an 87 xr600!i think dirty harry once said it best "a man's got to know his limitations",or something like that:thumbsup:

I have owned multiple honda mx bikes including an 87 xr600, raced alot when I was younger, now Not racing and can only afford one bike. I choose xr600 hands down all around fun bike. reliable.


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