Possibly the stupidest lighting question ever

Is there a switch to turn on the front light of a WR 450?

I broke the bike in last week and never noticed the front light being on, but I did notice the rear light on as soon as ignition button is pushed.... So now I installed my dual sport kit, (I have not touched any stock wiring except to attach a lead for the brake light) so I run the dual sport kit and blinkers, tail light and brake light work fine..

So then I start the bike so I can see the head light go on (as if I'm at my lighting cert test) and no head light.... I have not touched any wiring for the headlight... so I tested the leads to the head light and I don't get any power showing on my cheap 12v continuity tester.....

So I have never seen the front light on the WR and this is my first Enduro and I thought the front light goes when you start it...

Last if I run off just the battery I can make it work fine, but I don't want to run DC since I don't think the charging will handle a headlight on for very long.

any help is appreciated..

Light is supposed to come on when bike is started only. Not sure where your problem lies.

bike is wired to run the headlight off AC which is only put out when the bike is running

I installed a switch in the headlight circuit on my bike so I can shut it off. Maybe your bulb is blown , they don't come with a switch anymore. WR Dave.

Thanks for the answers, that is what I needed to know. Bulb works fine when I hook it up to DC, looks like I will check the wiring going to the headlight from the A/C magneto and follow the electric schematics in the Manual.

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