400 vs 426

Heya guys,

did a search but couldn't see a great deal of stuff to answer my questions, so here goes. Apologies if it's been done to death...

I am after a trail bike to get me back in after a couple of years out, after reading reviews and test riding my uncles WR 426, I have pretty much decided that one would/could be good for me.

My budget seems to stretch over both 400's and 426's, is one better than the other? Obviously theres a bit more power involved in the 426, though from what I understand its lighter (yeah?).

I will be doing mainly trail/enduro riding with the occasional transport here and there.

Any warnings, tips or anything I should know about these bikes?

Cheers all.


Let me be the first to say welcome to TT. Not much help but I have a yz 400 and I love it to death. Not a Wr but still not too far off.

I have had my WR 400 since new 2000 No problems yet I dont worry about the weight an it still has more power than I need. It's a lot of fun>

If you can find an 02 wr426 go for it. It has some of the refinements found on the 450.

Thanks guys, I figured either model would suit me well, just wanted thoughts from those in the know.

I imagine there's no real difference in overall reliability etc between engines as (from what I understand) they are essentially the same, the 426 just being bigger bore.

Right, I'll keep my eyes out for an 02 if possible, thanks byggd

too bad your not in the states or i would sell ya mine :applause:

I have an 02 426 and love it. It rips. When I researched the 400 vs. the 426 I found that the 426 had more refinements than the 400. Easier start, better ergodynamics, more power, and various mechanical improvements. Go with the 426, you won't regret it

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