Does WR stand for "Won't run" ?

I just got back from a ride at Grizzly flats up in the northern California Sierra mountains with Howard huge. Conditions were perfect. About two hours into the ride my bike quits, It felt like it ran out of gas. I verified gas and air delivery to the engine. The problem seems to in the ignition. I pulled the plug, grounded it to the frame and kicked the bike over. No spark. I tried it with other plugs, same result. All electrical connectors appear intact. Hopefully the manual has a troubleshooting section for this. Does anybody have any ides?

Check all electrical wires and make sure none have gotten pinched or worn through by the gas tank etc. Also check your kill switch.


99 WR400





Something I learned on my street bike. Be sure to ground the plug directly to the frame. On some electronic ignition systems, the ignition could torch if not grounded properly. I use a jumper cable and ground the threaded portion directly to the negative terminal on my battery (for my Ninja). NOW, I do not know if this has any relativity to our sweet bikes, but it is an FYI.

Now, when you were kicking it over, you were on the kickstart of YOUR bike...right? I would hate to find out somehow that you were kicking over Howard's bike, or heaven forbid, got turned around and you were kicking the shift lever somehow...

My Wife Thanks you. There was the Combo Package for laser surgery and penile lengthening. Being from a small New England college, my diminutive 14" is now 23". I am thinking about starting an acting carrer, or if nothing else, the "Stand In" guy! :)

mike, post your jetting details here.

did you try a brand spanking virgin plug?

could you, with all radio's etc turned off, hear the smallest tick tick of the ignition doing something even though you couldn't see it?

try a spark plug brush on them & then try the spark test.

unplug the black box, re-plug it in & have another go.


Mike unplug the vac-u-pan from the MSR depens i sean them get pluged up and you don't want to look under that rock*

If you don't get it going bring it down and we will have JR look at it.



I recently had a similar problem. Check out a thread I started called "Carb setup--what do you think?" The last post was 12/5/000. Read down near the end and check out the part about my spark plug cap. It's worth a try. I also got myself a Motion Pro spark gap tester. It's good for helping diagnose ignition problems and it only cost about $10.


I just got through some preliminary testing. I have found the ignition coil to be faulty (primary only). I will pick up a new unit tomorrow (assuming they're in stock) give it a go tomorrow night and post my results.


I can't remember if I was kicking Huge's bike or not..... :) . Congrats on the shortarm upgrade. About the dimensions you quoted, are those numbers metric or are you measuring that puppy like a cats tail (from the bung).... :D . I tried to tell you the exchange rate in Canada seems to vary by the street!... :D Glad to hear your surgery went well.


The jetting is bone stock. I didn't have a brand new plug but the ones we were using were in fair shape (at least to determine spark). I didn't hear the tick-tick of the plug arcing and believe me in the middle of that forest you could hear a bird fart!


I appreciate the offer. Let me give it a try and if I need the big guns I'll give you a call. I talked to Kenny, he and his wife would like to come. If Georgetown is to tough for his wife (Shaun) then we may have to go to the "W".

mike they will like georgetown there are A B C trails up there,i'll keep check on the weather it my snow if so then we can go to stonyford or the W why don't you try the coil from Huges bike(400) befor you buy one?



Excellent idea using Huge's coil. I'll let you know if it works tomorrow.

Brain how you doing did you get a trailer or see any at the RV show?

you bet we planing a ride you in the W is at elkins flate it;s the (FLYING W RANCH) you want beleve it, a motorcycle shop in the mountain at the FLYING W RANCH geart place to stage and bill the owener will cook up some type of itallian dish for everone at the end of the day real nice people.Keep in touch if you want to go it will be there or gerogtown.But we need to get mikes bike runnig 1st.


I'm up for any ride within 4 hours of SF Bay area. Prefer lots of single tracks. Often can only make Saturday rides, but I'll ride from dawn to dusk, longer if I'm lost. :)


I hear a ride being planned - where's the W?



Santa Clara's my hometown, I live by Pruneridge & Woodhams. Where do you live?


Howard called Bill last night and got some good info on what the problem may be. The ignition coil wasn't the problem. I measured the resistance across the primary coil and found none. That led me to believe that the coil was bad. I tested Howards coil and came up with the same reading, and we know his coil works (I installed the new coil on my bike and it made no difference). I must have taken the readings incorrectly although the directions seem pretty simple (+ probe to the orange lead on the bottom of the coil, - probe to the black lead on the top of the coil). I'll dive into it tonight and see what I come up with.

Brain it will be this weekend the 27th sat,georgetown or elkins i would like to take all of you to georgetown I talked to bob bicthen brother lsat night and he said no snow yet just rain that will make for some good trail riding.Also any one wanting to go just let us know and we will give you dic,from S,F, to meeting place.



e-mail me @ for dic,to meeting place for sat ride



Haven't bought a trailer yet. I'm still looking for something that can haul my Jeep or my bikes. I've started looking at race car trailers like the roundy-round guys use. Might be bit pricey but it would meet my WANTS list for the trailer. I saw a 36 ft KarryAll at the RV show - talk about a monster, something like 14k dry. If I had to buy something today it would be a Patio Hauler 320 - no slide, ~8200 lbs dry vs 10k for the 351 w/slide.

When are you guys talking about Elkins Flat? I'm planning on going to Reno over Pres Day weekend for the get together. Other than that I'm pretty open.


well, I think I got a kitchen pass for saturday....

Monty - I'll email you for particulars.


Hay all

snow down to 1400ft at stonyford and 2000ft at georgetown it's a no ride i just called ranger station at both places and trails are closed I will talk to Howard about the flying W and if it's clear there I'LL post tonight.


Just got a report from Howard 18in of snow on the ground at elkins and still coming down looks like this wek end is a no go due to snow and cold you know us sunshine boys.


Clear Creek anyone?

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