Does WR stand for "Won't run" ?

Clear Creek should be the best place to ride this weekend park @ Indian Hill and prepare to shred the dirt there gets better with rain. Bring a 32gal. garbage bag cut three holes in it one for your head and two for your arms and prepare to roost :) Most of the really steep stuff should be doable due to the excellent traction when its wet.

storm'in, huge

Howard, are you or anyone else interested in clear creek on saturday?

I never go out alone and right now I'm just one riding partner away from a great ride.

Forcast says no rain Saturday.

Clear Creek, huh? How long does it take to Clear Creek from Metcalf? It may be a bit too much of a drive from Santa Rosa....


Clear creek is about 2 hours south of Metcalf. It is a huge area, over 100 miles of trails. They hold the quicksilver enduro there.

Metcalf is my backup plan. Very small, but it would give me a chance to tune the suspension.

Send email to if interested.


Here's an update on my bike. I pulled the rotor and flywheel to expose the stator. What I found inside the rotor (it's magnetic) was a dowel. Those of you that have been on the board for awhile may remember that my shifter broke after about 30km(Canadian WR)of riding. Well it just so happens that this dowel is part of the shifter assembly. It seems the mechanic didn't inventory the broken parts he removed from my bike. Well this dowel has been flying around inside my rotor for quite awhile (you can tell from the peen marks)and beat up my exciter coil. I'm not exactly sure what the exciter coil connector is supposed to look like, but mine is almost completely torn off. I'll be having a conversation with the service manager of Redwood city Yamaha next week............ :) .

I'm going to pass on Clear Creek - just too far to drive for one day. I may be interested in Metcalf.... Haven't ridden there yet. I've been told that it's not worth the 2.5 hour drive from Santa Rosa but I might do it once just to say I've been there. Besides, it would give me good excuse to stop by my sisters in San Carlos.


IMHO Metcalf is not worth a 2.5 hour drive. 15 miles of trails max. I get bored in a few hours. Fortunately it is only a 0.5 hour drive for me.

On the + side I just received my Baja dual sport kit :)

Looks like Metcalf tomorrow - Sunday. Figure Superbowl Sunday should be the best day of the year - less crowded hopefully. I'll try it once and figure out that it is not worth the drive. I haven't been on a track since Hollister in '94 - maybe I'll be able to dial in the suspension :)

Cow Mtn & CC Camp/Middle Creek are probably to wet to ride - especially by myself. Can't get the wife interested in riding tomorrow. Maybe she has a hot date?

I drive a '00 Dodge Cummins 4wd - white/w/grey rocker panels. I ride a street legal '99 WR400 with clear IMS tank and black seat cover.


Brain it's not that ti's to wet at CC camp it's the snow can't get to the trails up top and the ones down low are bunny trials,(drit roads) we do need to put that ride on for georgetown later in feb, or march.


Good chance I will be at Metcalf some time tomorrow. Have '99 White Dodge Ram 4x4 and green helmet.

Monty - 'wet' was a very loose term. Can't wait to ride Georgetown with you guys.

darbsitton - hope to see you tomorrow.

I better go make sure my bike is ready :)



I know you are wicked short, and I could see the intimidation in your eyes when you saw my swarthy stature (most people do). Just stand your ground, and when the guy looks down at you, give 'em hell! :)


You're killin' me man ...... (LOL).. :)

I know that Jake, KerryT, Bryan, Howard & myself were all in awe of the stature of Kevin & Mike. None of us could figure out why these guys were riding dirtbikes instead of playing in the NBA. Have either of you thought about a career change? I hear that there is always a need for jockeys.....

Rode ~35 miles at Metcalf yesterday. Had a great time. Wish we had something like that in Sonoma County.


I saw your truck at Metcalf Sunday and some big guy on a wr raging around the kiddie track surely that wasn't you :) There is more to Metcalf than that kiddie track. I am impressed that you were able to do 35 miles on it. Next time your down here i'll take you on some trails better suited to a swarthy statured guy like yourself :D

nice truck though, huge


Where were you? I some guy on a YZ/WR with yellow backgrounds and 125 (I think). Was that you?

You weren't supposed to tell anybody about the kiddie track... I'm still a little dizzy after going in so many circles.

Actually, we rode most of the M/C only trails and a couple of laps on the TT & GP track. I wasn't going near the Motocross track :) not my cup o' tea.

Hope to see you at Georgetown,


swarthy: Having a dark complexion. (According to American Heritage Dictionary)

Having met Brian over the weekend, he did not did not seem to be swarthy at all. Am I missing something here? :)


I AM the swarthy one, I don't care what Brian says! :)

I'd have to say I'm more northern european than mediterranean.....

Actually, Huge is the swarthy one :)


Yep, that was me trying to get used to the new scoot. Was your wife with you? I had wifey on her new 125L she's starting to get the hang of it.How did you like the GP track pretty cool :)

Kevin's the swarthy one, so he says :D

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