Does WR stand for "Won't run" ?

What do you mean..."So I said"? Remember when we were in Moab (Where you and Mike shared that bed?) and you guys all pooled your money to offer me that bribe...when we were discussing "Swarthyness"...

Yeah Howard...Now you remeber don't you!

Nope, no wife with me at Metcalf. She had too much to do at home. Or so she said - Kevin, what your whereabouts last Sunday?

Looks like Cow Mtn on Sunday for us. anybody interested?


Brian I'am loaded up for death valley or i would go with you to cow should be geart riding up there mybe the snow will be gone,it's been in the 60ts up there.We will hook up when i get back form this ride and do gerogetown.(:


Well, the adventure continues. Monty, Randy (Ratso) and myself went riding up at Georgetown (northern California Sierra mountains) yesterday. We did 50+ miles. Slightly overcast, mild temperatures, mostly moist soil, excellent conditions!

On the way back to the trucks, Randy and I are keeping a pretty good pace through the forest (a handful of third gear) and all of a sudden I hear a knocking sound, I thought a branch was in my spokes. So I stopped quickly but the noise was still there :) . The noise was obviously coming from my engine (I guess that serves me right for shifting beyond second gear) :D . In a few minutes Monty and Randy came looking for me. We kicked the bike over (ignition off) a few times and could hear the grinding noise. Now I'm no nuclear specialist from NH :D , but a loud knocking noise usually = $$$. Luckily I had my 4 wheel drive with me, making bike retreival much easier. Monty knows a Yamaha mechanic who does side work. If he is willing to do the work, which I hope, it will lessen the pain somewhat.

I'm starting to think that they made my bike after the company saki party :D

Bryan, you're not the only one out of commision for awhile. Although my calf doesn't hurt :D . But I can feel my wallet starting to ache :D

Mike i am still trying to a hold of Joe talk to you later.


Mike did Joe from yamaha call you yet i gave him you no#? let me know if he didn't and i'll talk to him again.


Not yet. He'll probably call today.


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