'01 DRZ400E Will Not Start Sometimes???

Please give me some help on this. My '01 DRZ400E will take spells where it just will not start. The problem seems to occur more after it has been sitting for a while. It turns over well, will sometimes attempt to start and will also backfire. Once you finally get it started, it runs flawlessly. Has anyone experienced anything like this?

I would check the valves and clean the carb.


Sitting=Old Gas

Finally, when a bike sits for a while, the fuel passageways (esp. those going to the choke circuit) drain. Engine vacum sucks the fuel in those passageways. You can always expect more than normal cranking after the bike has sat unused for more than a week.

I will check those. Has anyone else had a similar problem. I am thinking wacky electrical or something like that. I have tried starting fluid with no improvement.

I had some similar problems after sitting up a while. I took the carb off apart and found the jets had trash in it from the old gas. Cleaned the carb, installed a jet kit (Factory Pro), added an exhaust system, and now it starts right off without using the choke.


O.K., I checked all of the above. Still no go. Any more ideas, anyone.

If the bike cranks, it is not eletrical, most likley. If the bike sits and then the first time it takes a bit longer to start, then runs fine, it is probably because the carb passageways have drained of fuel. When attempting to start it, the vacum draws fuel in. Once filled, the fuel is there for the bike to run. Hence extra cranking.

what was the valve clearance?

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