Hollister Hare Scrambles

Is anybody going to be at the Hollister HS this weekend? I will be there on Saturday in the C Vet class.

I was talking to a friend of mine and he's thinking of going. Though we can't ride together since he's a B and I'm still a C. He had me convinced until I found out that it's $75.00!!

That's alot of dough for what, maybe 2 hours of riding, or is it only 1.5 hours for the C's?

You're right, it is $75. Aren't these things usually $45?? That is pretty steep for a two hour race. I don't know what I want to do now. Here is the race flyer for anybody that is interested:


Is there anything else going on in NorCal this weekend? Is anybody interested in a ride somewhere other than Carnegie? Does anybody know how the snow is at Stonyford? How about Forrest Hill? Wilseyville?

Last weekend (friday) there was lots of snow at Stony on the western side. Little abd big sulli' were clear and most of 40 / 22 /20.

At the very top of the mountain up by letts lake it was clear too but it was a b*&ch getting up there.

Should be all clear by now but I think its going to rain today.



Thanks for the info. I used to work in Antioch near the paper plant. From my shop I could get to the freeway bend sand pits, go under the freeway, jump the train tracks and ride that area between Hillcrest and Empire. Like off the end of Golden Bear. Does anybody still ride out there or is it a total bust now? That was like 5 years ago. We also would go to the other side of Lone Tree, east of Dear Valley. Is that all houses now? Is that moto shop still at Hillcrest and Sunrise? I work in Dublin now, so there are no more lunchtime poach missions :)

Apex cycles in now on "A" street. I still kinda ride that area. Lots of houses being built. The sand pit is done.

The "valley" area is still rideable usually when accessed via SR-4 at the Oakley curve. Golden Bear is the road, thats real close to where I live and I access from there.


Have you ever been chased by the crazy lady in the gold GM pickup?? I don't know if it's a Chevy or GMC, I was always riding for my life. She is straight pshyco and will mow you down. Beware :)

I agree the cost is almost $100 buck by the time you pay the race fee, cards etc.

If I want to race with my two sons it will cost about $300 dollars.

I have sent off a letter of complaint to the organizers that this is too steep a cost for the average family and it keeps the sport from growing.

Hope other will also let their feeling be known to the orgainzers.


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