xr650r Akrapovic ??

Who's got one on their 650r? What do you think? What else do you have done to your motor? How is it for power and noise?

I have a full system on mine, I love it. With just the airbox mod akrapovic pipe and unrestricted intake port its knocking out 58bhp. It is very loud which I also like :applause:

Well I was all set to order but apparently they discontinued the full system.

thanks for the links.

I put a BARNUMS PRO DUAL EXHAUST on my XR650R. It's definitely a great pipe you should take a look at it. The bike sounds great and runs even better.

Full Akro with Edelbrook carb and more air intake.

It is not that loud at low to mid rpms, but gets loud at high rpms and that is where there is noticably more power then the stock (drilled out) muffler.

The sound is low so not as offensive as 2-smokes.


Does the Akrapovic have a spark arrestor?

Where did you get those BRP graphics? I didnt realize the Barnum header wrapped around both sides.

wrapping around both sides is what sold me on the BARNUMS PRO. It looks better keeps the header close to the engine hopefully out of harms way. And I like the idea of a more equal length header.

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