Original Dual Sport kit.


I'm from Israel and the WR are comming already with the Dual Sport kit.

I bought mine from a guy ,who didn't install this kit.(When he bought the bike,he asked from the dealer to remove the kit).

I asked the dealer if he can help me in the installation, but he asked for the installation 200$ :applause: .

We have a test each year and now i need to install it.

I looked at my manual ,but there is nothing there.I also have the clymer book, but still , nothing.

Can some please ,please help me ?

How do i connect each wire.(Again , it's the original the is came with the bike.(Europe model).

I don't know where to install the rear brake light switch.Also the front brake,

The turn signal and the horn.(basiclly everything).

I guess most of the Dual Sport installation are the same.so even if it's not the original , it can still help me.

I also have the front headlight which looks the same as the USA model (small headlight), but i don't think it as the Hi and low beam.Does it?

They sell the wr with to mask ,but when i bought the bike,the seller didn't give it to me.

Any picture and instruction at all, will help me alot.

Thank you very very very much.

spend the 200 dollars. It will be worth it.Your time and aggrivation is worth something. Mine is

I cannot say for sure, since I am in the US but here goes.

I would guess that the rear brake light switch is probably hydraulic, and replaces the bolt on the top of the reservior.

I do not know if the front has a switch.

The headlight probably has both filaments for high/low

The brakelight probably has both filaments.

You can search www.bajadesigns.com some pictures of the dual-sport kits that may help out.

Thank you very much.

I looked at a few pictures that someone as posted with his WR250f 2007.

It almsot looks the same and it helpmed me alot.

Now everything is working.

Thank you very much guys.

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