"S1" fork oil??

I know this is more suited for a suspension question but I know more people monitor these threads so it has a better/quicker chance of getting answered.

In my manual it says use S1 fork oil. Is this a rating or a specific kind of oil made by Yamaha? It doesnt mention a weight of oil anywhere so I'm a little :applause:

S1 oil is the type of oil to run in the inner damper. You can get it at your local yamaha store. I'm not sure what the brand actually is since its all written in Japanese. I beleive it is 0 weight oil. I've read that the damper rod will fully extend back when using s1 oil vs. other oils. Its about $23 for a 1 lite can, which i beleive you can do both sets of inner chambers twice.

when i did my forks i bought 5w racing fork oil and the parts guy told me the fork oil was S1. and i can use it in my inners. now I am concerned what is the truth

"S1" is Yamaha/KYB's proprietary $27/qt fork oil. Most suspension gurus don't actually think much of it for a variety of reasons. I have used Maxima Light Shock Fluid (3wt) on four sets of these forks in both chambers, and it works very well.

Most of the shops I've asked about this recommend good, high quality oils in the 2.5-5wt range. Don't worry about it.

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