Hinson Outer basket, and new oem inner boss ok?

I have to put outer and inner in my bike both shot,I have outer hinson new in box, I need inner 40 bucks for oem or 230 for Hinson, I am buying a 08 when they come out so will this be ok to do or will I wear down parts faster this way etc. I meen I know Hinson is better but shit I can buy 6 oem ones for same price and I wont have it but so much longer whats your thoughts?

I had the same thoughts as you... I just stayed with the billet outer and OEM inner. My OEM one lasted at least 3 years so I think that's plenty.

I've ran the OEM inner with the Hinson basket before and it works fine. I really don't think you would notice a difference if you bought the Hinson inner hub anyway.

The only time I had troubles mixing and matching was when I tried to use a hinson pressure plate with the oem inner hub. The hinson was so precision the teeth would stick to the cast inner hub.

The swap your talking about sounds just fine!

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