Ordered from Ricky Stator

Well, I broke down and ordered a 200 watt stator from Ricky Stator...

Bike was getting really hard to start after riding it...I found a used stock one on ebay for a 1992 xr 600r,, and I found out that it would fit... but some yahoo bought it for $202.00... geez....buy a new one that has more output for half the price....

They said that it would be here in 4 days...Cali to Oh..Can't wait to put it back together...

Please reply back with your results after installation. My '93 suffers from the same condition-hard to start once it has been ridden for a while.

Yes I will keep you up to date....

The stock regulator is a little marginal with the high output stator. It should be OK as long as the headlight bulb is good, but if it blows the reg might too as it was not designed for the extra juice.

When I rewound my stator the difference in the spark was dramatic. Winpy spark before, big fat blue spark after.

A/C regulator doesn't affect the spark, just the lights. One thing I found putting on the Ricky Stator H/O stator, was that the metal clip was touching one of the windings, making it essentially a 100w stator. RS tech support rules! They were on the phone with me, after hours, helping to trouble shoot. It isn't somthing that you would usually check. The clip has insulation on it, just one of the copper windings was touching it. Removed the clip, fired right up with no problems.

According to UPS tracking site,, My stator should be waiting on me when I get home...

The RS has two 100 watt windings, you can pair them up for 200 watts, the biggest problem i see guys do is us a common ground, you can't do that, they must be floating ground and issolated from the frame or common grounds, or nothing will work :)

Oh, man I am watching this thread like a frikkin' hawk....'cause my '83 XL600R is a biatch to start lately for me, but my buddy Gary can get it to fire on the second or third kick...with his 34" of inseam....I just feel like it's not sparking with my weaker kicks...can that be happening?

I think the ignition and lighting coils are wound completely separate on the 650 stator.

The RS "200 watts" refers to the lighting circuit, not the ignition.

Though with a bike that old you could be having problems with a breakdown of the insulation on the ignition pole winding which could result in a loss of output power.

Do you have a megometer? If so meg the stator and the leads coming off the ignition winding and see if you've got a low resistance.

...but even if a theres a low resistance to ground on the stock stator you have now, the newly wound stator will take care of the problem.

Camoman, any further developments yet? Did UPS deliver?

Well I got the new stator in, put in almost 2 quarts of oil,,second kick it fired right up. Took the bike out yesterday,,, One hot day..rode it for about 45 min to an hour,,, stopped to talk to some friends the whole time I'm worring about it not starting... Pull in the comp release three rotations, kicked it and nothing.

did it again it fired right up.. rode for about another 45 minutes had to get a coke...second kick again,,, it looks like the new stator solved my problem...you still need a big leg to get it going,,,

Yes, starting these beasts takes a little "ummph". I wonder what it is like starting bikes that have increased compression ratios... If you have 10.25:1-is it a lot harder than stock???? Inquiring minds want to know.

Did you connect it in the single 200 Watt configuration? And, were the instructions clear with regards to what to connect where?

All of the directiosn were clear and understandable....

I connected up the two stock wires and there are two more wires with connectors on them that are under my seat taped up incase I want to add accessories...so the 200 watt is split.....

OK. I may not understand the stator completely, but wouldn't the setup you have used give only 100W output to the system? The stock stator itself gives out 90W.

To get the 200W, you bridge the green and white wires to each other (100W). This creates a single output of 200W.

Yes, but he didn't bridge them, so he's only getting half of what the stator is capable of, and only 10 Watts over stock.

That is the question that I posed to Ricky Stator. Yes at this point I'm using 100 watts.. If I so called bridge it together for 200 watts will this benefit my bike??? Will it start on one kick??? I only have the stock headlight and the stock taillight, will the lights not dim at all???? I sent Ricky stator an e-mail and I'm still waiting for my reply.

As I understand it, if you go with 200W, you'll see less light dimming, but a heavy duty rectifier is also needed. I doubt if the bike will start any easier. With only 100W it is hardly worth it to have the Ricky stator.

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