Did I screw up new tube?

Put on a new front tire and tube last night (D756 and Moose heavy-duty tube), and realized I forgot to screw on that little nut that goes on the base of the tube stem before putting the tube in the tire. :) Am I asking for trouble if I leave it this way, or should I take the tire back off (what fun) and do it right?

Disregard, I went ahead and fixed it. I needed the practice anyway! :)

If your rim locks are tight enough you should have no problems....however if you really want to do it right you know what you have to do !!!

Life's a bitch aint it ???

In my opinion the stem retainer nut’s only purpose is to prevent the stem from retreating inside the rim when you try to fill it with air. So I don’t tighten it anymore. I’ve never left the base nut, or the one that goes inside the rim, off, but if I did I would probably just leave it that way.

I don’t think the two nuts on the stem are meant to hold the tube in place, the stem isn’t strong enough. If air pressure gets low enough to allow the tube to rotate on the rim the stem sure isn’t going to stop it, it seems if you have the retainer nuts locked down you leave less wiggle room and may enjoy more ruined tubes, not fewer.

My two rupies.

The only time I ever used the nuts was while holding the tube in place until the tube was inflated. Then I would throw them away. Never put them inside.

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