300 miles into my xr couple(more like 5) of ?

i have tarded xr650 , 2000 with 17" wheels

- Riding and steering... how upright do you have to be?

i find that if I get sloppy or relax too much that when i turn i find myself turning the bar vs pushing onthe bar which makes the front wheel real light.

is there a way to make the bars lower? or i should nto bother? and just learn to be more upright?

- This thing has torque. when i roll on the throttle it isnt very smooth though.. i find that rolling the throttle that power comes on harshly. Anyway to smooth that out? or do i just get used to that? anythgin i should check that can help?? throttel play... cables lubed etc. new carb? play with jetting ( no idea what is inthere now( not a jetting expert))

also after 300 miles. the quills are gone on the rear tire but are still brand new on the front tire??( may be suspension related? )

- is ti running rich.?.. when i decelerate .. i hear pop./ backfire i turn the idle lower, it helps but not too much

- i asked htis before.. want to make sure.. sometimes the turnsignals work sometimes they dont ( seems to be related to how fast i'm going or how much the stator is putting out.) will rewind of the stator alleviate i'd like to depend on my turn signals expecially with RI riders.

Just a guess, but have you adjusted your gearing for the smaller wheels?

I'm an XRR Dual Sporter with aspirations of motarding my BRP, and I've already gone to 15/45 gearing for mostly street riding.

I've read of motarders (?) going to 15/42 and taller gearing. Stock gearing -14/48 would be very abrupt with 17" wheels.

poping on Decel normly indicates a lean pilot jet

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