xr600 break in?

I have a 1987 xr600r that I have completely rebuilt. I want to know what break in method you guys use. Do you use the manual recommended slow method or do you use the MotoMan method, running it hard to initially seal the rings? If you use the run it hard method, do you think it would be o.k for me to do this on a 20 year old bike? FYI I have a new connecting rod, piston, rings, cylinder bore, camshaft, etc. All suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I have always heard to take it easy during the break in period.

I would follow the advise of the person that did your machine work. Otherwise, if all parts are BRAND NEW-meaning never installed, used or run before, and the cylinder is NEW not bored or honed-then I would follow the owners manual instructions in regards to break in. Honda knew what they were doing.

I just now got done doing my 1st oil change after break in. 86, xr600r. top end. bore. I ran mine pretty easy for a couple days. The last 2 days i have been giving it everything. It smoked alot at start up the first few days but that is gone now. It feels like everything is running perfect. Good luck. Tim

http://www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm This is the method that I am curious about. The logic is sound but I certainly do not want to test it on my engine without some input from you guys. Thanks to all for your input.

ive built a bunch of automotive and few motorcycle engines and this it the EXACT method i use. i have not ever had to redo an engine and they all have made excellent power!:applause:

I've always started out easy on it, then varied the throttle. No sustained wide open stuff. I've never had a problem, after going through a tank of gas like this. After the first tank, change the oil and filter, and ride it normally.

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