Those Hidden Parts!!!

Dont you just HATE it when you think you have a job done, then there's that one 'piece' you happened to find under the corner of a rag that goes on BEFORE all the other 99 pieces you just bolted on !!!

1) Just finished my valve shim job...started her up and noticed it was warbling more than before, oh well, maybe thats what valve shimming does...but didnt convince myself. Next day I spy a BIG rubber washer that belonged...god knows where. Do I really need it, I ask my self? Of course I know the answer but I havent the slightest idea where it came from so i conveniently forgot about it for the moment. Not riding yet but fiddling with the carb...I notice the top of the engine is covered in a sheen of oil...strange... I finally put two and two together. Inspecting the manual reveals that the washer is none other than one from the head cover. 5 minutes later its back on and I'm a happy camper.

2) Ages ago I 'found' a little rubber washer a few days after fiddling with my carb. Took me about 2 months to figure out where it came from...I did the Taffy APJ mod from having had it disconnected for a while. It starts p&&/&"ing gas out the gasket. Hmmm.....oh yeeeeeaaaahhhhhhh.. now where have I put that washer.....

And my favorite about an 'extra' part.

I spent about 5 minutes one time trying to get the spark plug cap back on the spark plug. Pushing and shoving and wailing and moaning about it....until I realised there was no way in hell it was going on with my spark plug wrench end still stuck down the shaft. One of those moments when you sure are glad there are no flies on the wall !!

Whats YOUR story !!

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I had to replace my clutch, primary chain, and primary chain adjuster on my Buell once. I started to dig in and replaced the chain, removed the clutch plates and replaced them all in the proper sequence. Then moved on to the adjuster and replaced that, I got the primary case put together (which it did quite easily). the whole operation took about 1.5 hours. so I rolled the bike back in the garage without testing it cause I was already late for an appointment. about 3 days later I jumped on my bike, started it up and went to take off but there was no clutch there. I couldnt figure it out, it just felt like the clutch would not grab not matter what i did, the bike never moved and inch. so I took the primary cover off to realize that I forgot to install the new primary chain. ooops, that really pissed me off.



The first time I ever split cases was on my 1972 Kawasaki 125 enduro...the one with the rotary valve intake. I was only 17 years old and thought I was King Sh*t on Turd Island for accomplishing such a task. I replaced the needed parts and put it back together. As I was cleaning up, I found a shim that went onto one of the shift shafts and was used to space the gears.

I was so proud to have gotten the job finished in time to go riding that weekend that I never found out where the shim came from or more importantly went. We loaded up that Saturday morning to go riding and the thoughts of an exploded gearbox started running through my head.

Well, I rode that bike for another two years without that shim!!! I still have it as a reminder to be more thorough when I work on my bikes. That may explain why I am so anal nowadays!!

I sold that bike to a friend of mine from high school and he rode it for another year before he seized it and then threw it away!!

Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good!!!! :)


I have already copped to this in a different thread, butt...

When I did my YZ timing I 'timed' the INTAKE CAM.

doh :)

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