stealth adjustment screw question

Hey all...O.K. after pulling the carb a dozen or more times and switching everything out (see my earlier post) I finally found it was the stealth fuelpump cover that was causing the DEATH of my new baby...however, I have a question about the adjustment screw I got in BUT it runs best at 1/4 turn out!!!! Is this right!!??!!??I am new to these screws and they are #d 1-4 is it normal for a quarter turn on these to equal 2 turns on the stock screw? Here are some photos...does the stealth screw seem narrow??it is a bit hard to see in the picture but up close it looks WAY tapered compared to stock. Is this O.K.,normal? There is NO MENTION of it in the instructions.

Everyone I want you to know I come seeking info w/humility I know NOTHING about these four strokes but really want to know as much as I can digest. Of course carb work can be a hassle and these carbs have alot of parts and a completely different architecture than I am accustom to.

As I write I am back to the stock fuel pump cover... replaced the 45 pilot w/a48

and the 60 main w/a68 and the stealth fuel screw is at 1/4 turn out but stock was at 2 turns out for the same behavior.

Please chime in if there is ANYTHING I should know...

Here are some photos of the screws etc.PICT1945.jpg



Whoops grabbed one of the old lady by accident...

Just ignore that one...

Depending on the tempature outside and the elevation you ride in depends on the # of turns you go in or out on the fuel screw. On these four strokes you just about have to adjust the fuel screw as the tempature rises or declines. I found on my yz450f at temps from 30 to 60 degrees it runs best with the screw turned out 3 turns and 2 1/2 turns out when the temp is from 60-70 and this past weekend when it got 82 degrees here I went 2 turns out and it ran perfect. Hope this helps you.

i guess the tolerances on the stealth screws are not that great. mine was noticably fatter, so required almost a full turn more than my stock one. my freinds one was thinner than the one i had, but still bigger than his stock one.

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