Seal for K & N air filter xr650r

I once saw some sort of seal to be used with a K&N air filter.

Now I can't seem to find anything about it.

The use of wheel bearing grease is getting a little old now the trails are so dusty.

P C Racing used to make pro-seal now it appears they no longer make them for the XR650R Bummer.

Even in the local catalog here there is a listing for the Honda XR650R, but it says quote

You have entered an incorrect part number or the product you are trying to view no longer exists.:applause:

I got a new seal for the one I use on my "L". It didn't last very long. I pulled off what was left of it and have been using a very thin bead of hi temp red silicone sealant. It's ON there, when I do get around to cleaning it I have to pry it off.:applause:

K&N used to have a sealing grease, but it usually caused the filter to slide around.

Personally I'd sway away from the K&N for off road use. Lets the fine stuff through and can wear your engine faster.

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