please help, bike wont start

the bike was running a couple of days ago, it felt a little too rich so i took off the carby, cleaned it, moved the pin up one clip to lean it out a bit, put it all back together and now i cant start it. Ive tried with the choke, without choke, turned the fuel off and kicked it a fair few times because i thought it might be flooded. But nothing worked, it doesn't even sound close to starting. Has anyone got any suggestions?

I would check for spark just to be sure and then go from there.

If you think it might be flooded, pull the plug and check. Try a new plug and I would bet that it will fire right up. Other possibilities are that you maybe knocked a connector off of the coil mounted behind the kick starter on the frame. There is a spade connector on the coil that can be accidentally pulled off. I bet your plug is the problem though. Especially since you were probably turning the throttle to access the needle. You most likely flooded it and it is not wet fouled. Hope this helps.


it sounds too simple Chris, but did you change the plug yet?. I just went through a simular thing with my 450 and messed with everything till I put a new plug in

Since it was running before you took the carb apart, if the plug doesnt work, take it apart again and reassemble it. Make sure the needle is in there correctly. Did you put the little allen screw back on top of the needle? In no way am I insulting you, its just that is must be something simple since it was running.

There are so many things to go wrong on this friggin 4 strokes that its easy to get lost in the sauce

Post a follow up. Never know who you may be helping out in the future with your cure


Check that the throttle slide plate is in correectly. The first time I disassembled the carb on my 426, I put it back in backwards. The bike would bump start, but wouldn't kick start. Swapping it around the right way fixed it right up.

I changed the plug, and sure enough it started on the first kick. Thanks heaps guys u saved me a lot of trouble!

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